2022 Web Design Trends Every Designer (and Client) Should Know

2022 web design trends

2022 Web Design Trends Every Designer (and Client) Should Know

It’s a new year- and you know what that means! It’s time to haul out your branding, dust it off after the hectic holiday season, and see what needs to be updated. We see new web design trends come and go every year. What’s going to be big in 2022 web design trends? Here are some key web design trends we think every designer should be focused on.

2022 Web Design Trends

Go Big

The world now accesses the net through mobile devices, rather than PCs. With the touchscreen now the dominant- and much smaller- interface, it’s good to think about the needs of a client who doesn’t want to chase your buttons around the page frustratingly. If you have a finger-friendly interface, especially with larger buttons, you can help them get better value from your site. And that promotes happy customers willing to proceed down the sales funnel.

Load Times

Another key user experience metric to focus on is how quickly your pages load. Creative page design and trendy graphics mean nothing if the client has already clicked away, frustrated with your load times. Third-party elements, graphical aspects, and creative elements can all be notorious load time hogs. Control them.

Social media has a lesson to offer here. Smart content load, or loading only what the user needs to see, helps to save time and resources, making for happy visitors.


Cinema-style homepages have popped up in a big way as we leave 2021. They offer a way to leverage immersive storytelling to deepen the visitor’s connection with your brand journey. It also makes a good hook to pull them further into your webpage and encourage interest. We’ve seen many interesting ways to do this, from slow-mo artistry to vignettes, so get creative.

AI Returns for Another Year

Yes, yes- AI has been making the web design trend list for nearly a decade now. Yet we are finally seeing very fast-moving results in this industry, as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality both boom in digital marketing. It might not be the future envisioned by the Matrix, but it is here and live.

This year, AI chatbots will likely dominate. AI has the potential to offer a better user experience that will help to drive leads, encourage customers, offer fast turnarounds, and contribute to your sales funnel. All while boosting ROI and cutting manual costs.


This is another trend that has dominated online marketing, and this year it will move to web design, too. Customers like to see things that are relevant to them, without hunting through other items. Smart personalization helps cut load times, increase engagement, and push people further down the sales funnel.

Day/Night Design

More and more people want to control every aspect of how they consume digital media, including whether they view it in bright or dark interface settings. Be aware that many devices now offer this in-built, and third-party apps also control this, so you can’t force a customer to view sites only on day mode. Make sure you cater to both tastes by designing your dark mode colors and branding, too, so you don’t lose efficacy as they view your site.

Evolved Minimalism

Minimalist trends aren’t a new website design trend in 2022, but how they work has evolved. People are tired of the same flat, white-space-only, minimalist trend as we’ve seen it to-date. Now it is moving to a more colorful, brand-personality type of minimalism. Design choices will remain simplistic, easy to look at, and bold, but will lose the characterless monochrome feel and move to color.

Overlapped Design Elements

Overlapped design elements will become very important this year, but handle them with caution. They don’t share a container, so they are easier to track and allow for a range of impactful design choices.

Done incorrectly, however, they can create overlapping, unreadable pages that don’t collapse properly, either. In short, trash readability. So handle with care and use smartly.

Have Fun

Leading on from the idea of more colorful minimalism, and also overlapping with a nostalgic graphic design trend that’s looking to the 90s and 00s, we have a sense of optimism manifesting through shapes, colors, and even the stock photos and models you use. It’s been a very rough few years on people, and business are recognizing that people want to see optimistic, upbeat branding.

Flat 3D

Sounds contradictory? It is, but it can be done smartly. Flat design elements remain a hot touch. But we’re also seeing more incorporation of 3D looks and features, especially with Augmented Reality being a hot button in the design world. So incorporating some 3D meshes and even just illusion elements in the graphical design will be a smart move. Especially incorporated with part of your content marketing through visual storytelling.

Creative Scrolling

One of the major ways your clients engage with your product is through scrolling. Scrolling animations are not new, of course. But the idea is to create a legitimate creative experience and immersive animation, not merely irritating effects. The idea is to entice the visitor to continue to the bottom of the page, anchoring the eye with a foreground mark, too. Simple, elegant, yet immersive.

Modern digital marketing is a saturated space. Eye-catching web design helps you stand out from the crowd, while user-friendly, intuitive, and smart back-end design keeps them reading. You’ll notice our list of web design trends for 2022 intertwine heavily with both graphic design choices and a wider, holistic marketing strategy, which is where the state of the web finds itself in 2022. What changes will you make to bring your website in line with intuitive UX and catch graphic choices? It’s time to reinvent your site today. 2022 web design trends can inspire you on this.

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