What Is PPC Management? 6 Benefits Explained!

ppc management

What Is PPC Management? 6 Benefits Explained!

Pay per click(PPC) is an internet marketing model in which advertisers pay a specific amount each time one of their ads get a click. Basically, it’s a way of paying for visits to your site, instead of attempting to get those visits organically via SEO, social media management etc. PPC management aims to increase the clicks and conversions while minimizing the costs.

One of the most prominent forms of PPC is search engine advertising.  Advertisers can bid for ad placements in search engine results pages. So when someone searches on a keyword that is related to their products or service, ads will show up. For example, if an advertiser bid on the keyword “restaurants in Edinburgh,” their ad will come up on top relevant results pages.

When done right, PPC marketing can grow a business to great new heights. A well managed PPC advertising campaign will be cost-effective and you’ll see the results in your increased leads and sales.

However, when managed poorly, you can lose money quickly without getting meaningful results. This is why many businesses choose digital agencies to handle the end to end process and drive significant results through advertising expertise.

What Is PPC Management?

PPC advertising is when you pay for each click to your website or app. Google Ads(formerly known AdWords) is the most well known PPC advertising platform, but there are a few other ones like Bing Ads, Yahoo!, Amazon. With PPC, you can set a bid for your website, and generally speaking, you either bid on keywords or bid on audiences.

PPC management is the process of overseeing and running a company’s PPC ad budget. The aim of PPC management is to get a higher number of quality clicks, leads, and conversions while keeping the costs low. PPC management can provide a much better ROI than most of the other digital marketing models with the right settings and correct targeting.

Setting up a PPC with any of these advertising networks is designed to be simple, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see the results you want. There’s a whole lot of work that goes into picking the right PPC strategy, with the most important aspect being that you have a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the ad management platform, your consumer base, and the market. That’s where PPC management comes in.

Why Do I Need a PPC Management Service?

Let’s take a look a the 6 important benefits of using PPC services.

1) Achieve Business Goals

PPC advertising can help you achieve a variety of business and digital marketing goals. These can be getting more brand exposure, an e-commerce sale or better quality leads.

It is possible to track different types of conversion goals. PPC is a digital marketing model convenient for aligning website traffic drivers to end-goals. These include content downloads, newsletter signups, getting phone calls, driving foot traffic, contest entries, and increasing app downloads.

PPC can work as a powerful tool part of your sales funnel to take prospects into customers. PPC campaigns can be set up effectively regardless of the goals that are chosen.

2) Perfect Targeting Options

PPC advertising offers a wide variety of targeting options. These targeting options are designed to create unique ways to reach the target audience with desired messages. Through PPC ad platforms it is possible to reach the users according to their search behavior, the type of content they’re consuming, their behaviors, interests, demographics and many more.

3) Advertising Expertise

A good PPC campaign will get your adverts in front of the right consumers, at the right time, and with a message that will connect with your target audience.  The timing and content of the message are crucial. Working with digital marketing professionals might save you time and money which you would lose in the trial-and-error process.

4) Micro-moments

Leading on from the last point, a well-timed ad that grabs the attention of the viewer will capture consumers experiencing a micro-moment. A micro-moment is well a person reflexively turns to their device, usually a smartphone, to act on a need they have at that moment. The need could be to learn something new, watch something, do something, or buy something.

Micro-moments are very time-sensitive – you have to deliver the right message, one that will answer the consumer’s questions better than your competitors to get their attention. Google Search Ads is one of the best options to utilize the micro moments.

According to Google, 69% of online consumers agree that the quality, timing, and relevance of a company’s message influences their perception of the brand. Professional advertisers are experts in tailoring this message to suit your audience and capture them in a micro-moment.

5) Measurable Results with PPC Management

A PPC management service will continually track and report on your PPC advertising so you have a complete picture of how well it’s working. These include quality score, conversion rate, cost per conversion, average position, click-through rate, landing page views, bounce rate.

Professional advertisers also have the knowledge and skillset to make sense of this reporting and utilize it to drive even better results.

6) Getting Ahead of Your Competition

It’s extremely competitive out there! Company websites are now ubiquitous and setting yourself apart from the competition is harder than ever, unless you use digital marketing tools. PPC management service is a great way to boost your business among the sheer amount of websites out there.

In summary, using a PPC management service may help you to get the best out of your PPC campaign, leading to higher quality clicks and more sales for your business.

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