Web Design Services in Edinburgh

web design services in edinburgh

Web Design Services in Edinburgh

Web services design in Edinburgh is important for any business. A website is a proven way to reach your customers. From boutique hotels in New Town to bakeries in Leith, every business in Edinburgh needs fantastic web design services to help them take their business to the next level. From Royal Mile to Grassmarket, from Princes Street to Bruntsfield, it’s time to get real about what a professionally designed website can bring to your business.

Edinburgh: The Hilly Capital

Edinburgh has long had a thriving place in Scottish history. With the Firth of Forth and the cold North Sea right on hand, and the city built in imposing grey sandstone on the dolerite bones of the landscape, you just can’t fall in love at first sight.

It’s long been known as both a business city and a haven of the arts, with the famous Edinburgh festival being one of the most famous art festivals in the world. Princes Street lets you shop ‘til you drop, while Old Town and the Grassmarket districts attract tourists and sight-seers looking to experience the city’s long history.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the heady glamour of a city it seems like time forgot- but it’s the 2020s, and if you’re a business in this packed-to-the-brim city, you need to make sure your clients can find your products or services easily.

Why All Edinburgh Businesses Need a Website

Edinburgh has many different faces to show the world. From day-to-day shoppers to tourists looking for souvenirs, from the hospitality industry to the arts and culture circuit, the business can be cutthroat at the best of times. If your potential clients can’t even find you among the many businesses, how are you going to thrive?

A modern, sleek website is one of the very best ways to kickstart your marketing and take your campaigns to the next level. Even boutique artisanal bakeries and souvenir shops can benefit from an online presence that gets them known.

Even if you already have an active social media presence, a website acts as the critical link to centralize it and allows you to collect data and analytics. It also gets you that critical web presence for search results- stats suggest that customers place a lot of trust in a discoverable web presence for companies they want to engage with. Plus, of course, it lets you get the attention of tourists before they reach the city, and they can add you to their plans deliberately. Much better than trusting random chance to bring them to your door! Edinburgh’s winding cobblestone streets may be fantastic for tourists to explore, but not so great for finding businesses if you’re off the main roads.

WordPress for Web Design Services in Edinburgh

What makes WordPress shine over other methods of web design? WordPress is one of the most user-friendly web design platforms currently available, and it’s estimated about a third of websites worldwide use it. It is easy enough to use, in fact, that many businesses can upload blog posts and keep fresh content flowing to their website without any outside assistance, making it fast and convenient, too.

It’s also very easy to personalise, with a wealth of pre-designed templates that can easily be altered to suit your business to the tee. Plus, there’s tons of in-built backend functionality- and more can be added through prebuilt plugins that further extend the platform’s. Not sure what all that means? Don’t sweat it- it just means your designer can get the tools and functionality you need running with your site easily.

WordPress is also open source which means it’s not linked to the fiscal well-being of one company. This means you’re investing in a long-term, well-maintained website solution with longevity built-in. While cybersecurity always needs to be top of our mind, and it’s important to keep up with security updates and best practices, WordPress also has a fantastic track record with anti-spam and security features you can leverage.

No matter what business you’re running in Edinburgh, a WordPress site will make you easier to find, able to communicate with your existing clients, gain new ones and increase your revenue. Don’t you think it’s time you got your own website? We’re always here to help with web design services in Edinburgh.

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