Top 6 Web Design Trends In 2020

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Top 6 Web Design Trends In 2020

Website design is one of the essential factors that impact how your business is perceived by your target audience. Your business website is one of the most important mediums to attract people to your store and increase sales. Technology is continually changing, and it is not easy to keep up with the trends. 2020 has brought us many ideas, and designers are using interesting styles while implementing new techniques. Not only are the designers applying new methods but also revising the old ones that people love to use. You need to learn a bit about web design trends if you are planning to get a new website.

Here are the web design trends of 2020 that will make your website stand out.

Minimalism in Web Design

The minimalist web design approach aims to enhance the user experience by excluding unnecessary elements of a website. Therefore, it is safe to say that functionality is vital for minimalism. Using only the essential elements, make a positive impact on both the user interface and the content of the website.

The characteristics and habits of the target audience should be taken into account for a successful minimalist website. Visual elements should highlight the content for delivering the messages. Therefore website visitors stay focused on the written message. Another important point is the color palette used in the design. The correct use of colors, typography and plenty of white space will be very effective in making your design stand out.

Dark Mode

A fascinating feature that is very popular among websites and applications is the dark user interface. It doesn’t only add a different definition to your site but also helps to pop colors and make your site look modern and stylish.

Users with OLED screens will love the dark mode design. Moreover, a dark background improves your vision and also helps to achieve a dynamic-looking design. Trending color schemes of 2020 enable you to utilize neon and glowing color themes.

Motion and Interactivity

This design trend can have a negative effect in terms of site speed but can be overcome with the help of a powerful server. While background videos are usually used especially on websites created for product promotion, animations can be used in a wide range from business websites to blogs. Videos help to convey the message to the target audience. Animations are perfect for attracting the attention of users as well. This web design trend can significantly lower the bounce rates and increase engagement.


Using eye-catching illustrations across the website is one of the trends in 2020. Illustrations can add texture and emotion to your website design. It will make your website look appealing and clearly show your products and services to the users. Using imperfect graphics or hand-drawn illustrations that add personality to a website can also increase engagement.

3D Design

Web design can be attention-grabbing when it involves 3D visuals for users. Showcasing a service or digital product use of graphics can be an efficient solution. The user interface that has exciting 3D digital artwork encourages visitors to stay on the website longer. It is likely that we will see a lot more of 3D elements in mobile applications and websites in the coming years.

Combining Graphics and Photos

Customization is an important step to make your design look real and natural. Well, photography and graphics go hand in hand when you are trying to make something unique and authentic. Overlapping graphics with a suitable photo looks unique and attracts users’ attention.

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