Website Design for Small Businesses: 8 Factors for Success

website design for small businesses

Website Design for Small Businesses: 8 Factors for Success

Website design for small businesses so crucial to your company’s success. A small business website can increase your business’ sales and credibility at the same time.

You already know that image means a lot in the business world. Therefore, it is very important to create a website that fully reflects your company’s vision for online success. It is critical for your business to have a professional-looking website so that you can stay up to date and get ahead of your competitors. You can create marketing strategies depend on your website and get new customers.

A small business website must be affordable and converting. However, the hardest part is knowing what kind of small business website design you need. Because if you’re not quite ready for it, you’ll waste time.

In this article, we talked about 8 main features of a small business website design to consider.

Website Design for Small Businesses

1) Clutter-Free Design and Navigation

The design of a website should be eye-catching and clutter-free. Visitors will have the opportunity to find the information they are looking for easily and quickly. A site with these features will be faster than other sites as well. Websites with complex design and navigation will make visitors feel like they are wasting time. This will negatively affect your conversion rates.

A small business website must a virtual storefront for your products or services.

2) Mobile-Friendly Website

A mobile-friendly website works seamlessly across a variety of mobile devices. This means that your business website will adapt when viewed on mobile devices and provide a great user experience. Many people have started to access the websites on their mobile devices in today’s world. It is convenient because they can do it anywhere and anytime. So having a mobile-friendly website will automatically open the door to a wider online audience. In fact, 70% of today’s online traffic comes from smartphones.

In addition, 51% of customers stated that they use mobile devices to discover new brands and products. This figure shows that making the site mobile-friendly is vital for expanding your business. It would be almost suicidal not to have your small business website responsive.

3) Visible Contact Details

Either you have an e-commerce store or a website that aims to increase foot traffic your contact details must be easily reachable.

Contact details of a small business should be visible on the “homepage” and the “contact” page. The contact page is one of the most visited pages of a website and is often the first step in negotiating with potential customers. The contact page should be warm, friendly, and inviting and offer visitors easy ways to contact you. It should provide full contact information, including phone and address.
Also, it is good to have multiple options for contacting such as having an email address, phone number and contact form.

4) Nice, HQ Photos

One of the most important factors in web design is the use of photos and visuals. One of the first determining factors, whether a visitor stays on a page, is the use of visuals. Sometimes a picture or a photo can speak a thousand words.

5) WordPress CMS

Your website must be easy to use and update. Content management platforms such as WordPress helps to achieve a balance between ease of use, flexibility, and scalability. Updating the content and using a website only requires basic skills (and not any coding knowledge) if it utilizes WordPress. Furthermore, there are thousands of WordPress plugins that help increase your site’s flexibility and functionality. All in all, WordPress website design is a great choice for small businesses.

6) CTAs

CTA, which stands for Call to Action, is the instructions created for the target audience to take the next step in the marketing activities. They are short and simple phrases prepared to prompt customers, leads and visitors to act. Literally, they are “call”s to take a specific “action”. CTAs often send visitors to another or opens a form.

The design should be eye-catching. Remarkable and attractive expressions should be used. It should be clearly stated what will be presented to the visitor with CTA. They might be used in the buttons or text in the content.

7) Website Security

Cyber-attacks cause an average of 3 trillion dollars of damage every year in the world economy.

As any website can be a target of cyberattacks, cybersecurity measures are increasing their importance day by day. While the concepts of cyberattack and cybersecurity increase its importance so much, there are some measures you need to take in order to ensure the security of your website and data that you own. Using strong passwords, having an SSL certificate for your website, keeping the CMS and plugins up-to-date and storing backups are some of the points that you should pay attention to, for your cybersecurity.

8) SEO-Ready Web Design

SEO is a marketing area focused on getting a website better rankings on search engines. Why is SEO important for small businesses? SEO can make a business more visible. When the web design process is over, you need to attract visitors to your website. For this, you will need to resort to methods such as SEO and advertising.

The better your SEO, the lower the advertising budget you need to reach the target audience. With a good SEO campaign, it is possible to move your website to the top in the relevant keywords. If your website design follows all the best practices for on-page SEO, you will get much faster and better results. Having an SEO-friendly website is especially important if you are running an eCommerce website as a small business.

Designing a website that looks good and can provide the performance your business deserves can be quite complicated and time-consuming. Doesn’t matter you are running a restaurant, managing a dental clinic, or a law firm. A high-quality website can contribute to your success. Working with a web design agency for your new business website design can bring great results while saving you time, energy, and money. Contact us today if you would like to discuss how we can help.

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