How to Choose the Right WordPress Web Design Agency

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How to Choose the Right WordPress Web Design Agency

How do you choose the right WordPress web design agency for your needs? It seems like everywhere you turn on the net, you find web designers and many work with super-convenient WordPress features. Google alone isn’t going to be enough to find the right match. Are you better off with an agency or a freelancer? How do you know you’ll get the experience you want? Here are our top tips to choose the right WordPress web design agency.

Choose the Right WordPress Web Design Agency

WordPress Isn’t Easy

Let’s start at the grassroots. A lot of people think that because WordPress is very user-friendly, that means it’s ‘easy’ to use and ‘anyone’ can do it. While they’ve taken pains to develop an excellent and rather intuitive platform, that doesn’t mean throwing your money at Joe Average will get you the results you want. WordPress allows you to bypass some HTML development for basic maintenance, but it’s going to take a holistic design approach and proper web design experience to help create the entire package.

A good WordPress-focused designer has the technical know-how and skills you need to build your website right, choose a seamless template, alter it as needed, and keep the backend and visuals beautifully managed. They will help ensure the site is mobile-responsive and search engine optimized as well as user-friendly. They will also make sure it’s easy to seamlessly integrate with your other social marketing channels. 

What do you need?

First up, know what you need from your WordPress web design agency. Do you need a host of overlapping services like online marketing, content creation, and other website-oriented features?

Do you also need website hosting or just design? Do you need an eCommerce store, and how complicated? Do you want to maintain the store yourself, or do you need an agency who will do it for you? Are you taking online bookings for your business? Knowing the core features you require will help you match the right person to the job. There’s no point finding someone you like, but they can’t provide you service.

Know your budget

Alongside your expectations, establish a reasonable budget. This helps you and the WordPress Agency get off on the same foot right from the start of the project. Remember that every website and every company’s needs are a little different, so what others were charged is not necessarily indicative of what you will need. In fact, we’d advise you to be wary of cookie-cutter pricing, as web design is a very individual arena. It may mean you won’t be receiving personal service.

Focus on results

WordPress is well known for its slick and stylish templates. This does mean, however, that you can’t judge an agency based solely on the looks of its sites as you can with bespoke design. What should you look for, then?

Make sure that the designs were chosen to suit the businesses, and are ideas/approaches you like. And don’t be afraid to ask about tangible outcomes like SEO metrics, ranking boosts, reductions in bounce rates, lifestyle improvements, and so on.

Ask around

Looking for an overall pattern in the reviews you find can be very helpful. Do people indicate the same positive or negative qualities overall? Are there issues with response times, hours of operation, or customer service? Don’t forget to check out the agency’s social media presence as well as web pages, too. And you can always ask for referrals from friends, family, and businesses you trust, too. This will give you a deeper idea of how they work and what it’s like to be a long-term client. 

Can you work together?

It’s important to remember that even the best design team in the world won’t work for you if you don’t work well together. So also pay attention not only to how they handle your queries, but the overall way you feel about their response times, communication styles, primary communication channels, and so on. Do they seem like people you can work with? 

Remember the bigger picture

The real question lies in them having the experience and skills to help you with the bigger picture goal of owning your new WordPress site. Your website will act as the central hub of your marketing efforts. It needs to be a coordinated part of your overall digital marketing strategy, and cohesive across all elements from SEO to social media marketing. So it’s important to choose an agency that can grasp the wider picture of your goals and support your business to thrive, not simply build the site.

The right WordPress web design agency for your business will be able to not only design a good-looking site but optimize for the search engine rankings and manage the page so that it consistently delivers good metrics and results as well as works well. You want secure hosting and cybersecurity best practices, SEO knowledge, and an actively maintained site you can rely on, with provable metrics. That way, your website will soon be seamlessly integrated into your marketing efforts. Don’t you think it’s time to find your perfect match today? 

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