What Is Email Marketing? 7 Impressive Benefits!

email marketing

What Is Email Marketing? 7 Impressive Benefits!

Email marketing is an effective way to contact both existing and potential customers. It’s quick, easy and affordable. Basically, email marketing is used for promoting products or services by email. Email marketing can also be used for developing and maintaining long-term relationships with customers or clients. As 91% of email users check their inboxes at least once a day, it is a very efficient medium to reach the target audience.

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

1) Detailed Targeting

As is one segment of internet marketing, email marketing can also be individually tailored to each person, according to the needs and goals of the company. It allows you to reach specific target audiences even particular individuals. For example; an ecommerce website can offer chosen customers special birthday deals.

2) Creative

Businesses have the chance to be as creative as they like with an email. They can use graphics, photographs, text(with proper typography), colour, even embed a video, and of course share hyperlinks.

3) High ROI

No matter the size of the mailing (and it is almost infinitely scalable, limited only by the size of the mailing list) the costs are minimal, limited only to the time it takes to design, type and send the mailing.  There are no additional print or advertising costs, plus the result can easily be shared on social media or by word of mouth by those same customers the company has just targeted. The low cost of this digital marketing strategy makes it a viable option for SMBs that want to grow, reach, and engage their target audiences in an effective way. Email marketing brings a remarkable $40 for every $1 spent. There are other benefits to email marketing too. Because there is no printed copy, there is no environmental cost, as there would be with physical flyers delivered by mail.

4) Better Conversion Rates

Business owners should know about the efficiency of email marketing in increasing conversion rates. It is a great way for businesses to improve their sales and conversions. That’s because email marketing helps nurture leads and move them through the marketing funnel closer to making a purchase.

5) Timely and Fast

An email campaign can also be much more immediate than a postal one. As soon as a customer has bought something from the company, they can be sent a welcome email, thanking them for their purchase, and maybe offering a discount code for their next purchase.

6) Analysis

Another benefit of using an email marketing campaign is that web analytics will work on it too. Thus, companies have the chance to see where they are most successful, honing their skills for future email campaigns. Also, some benchmarking tools can be run on the campaign to compare it to similar ones from other companies.

7) A/B Testing for Email Marketing

Just like in other digital marketing areas such as web design or social media ads, email marketing can be subject to A/B testing to see what works best for each target group. Different emails can be distributed as a test of areas like layout, call-to-action, promotions, content, colours, and images. Since it is opt-in, recipients have a chance to express a preference for the types of email they receive. Together with the convenience of being able to read emails at a time that suits them, this is likely to make them think highly of a firm that respects their views.

How to Grow an Email List?

If you would like to grow your email list it is a good idea to add a newsletter sign-up button to your website. You can send newsletters to the email list that accumulates as people sign up. Therefore, you can share updates about your company, upcoming events, and special deals with a regular newsletter which is a simple yet effective way.

You may also choose to utilize email marketing software that makes it easy to schedule automated emails for customers.

What GDPR Means for Email Marketing?

GDPR has meant that only people who want to be on the mailing list will be able to receive these e-mails. So it should be opt-in, rather than opt-out.

There are many benefits to email marketing. Businesses of all sizes, with mailing lists of all sizes, should consider using this versatile and modern marketing method.

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