How to Promote Your Accounting or Bookkeeping Business Online

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How to Promote Your Accounting or Bookkeeping Business Online

As an accounting practice owner, you must be aware of the difficulties in getting new business. However, there are a lot of potential clients waiting for the right service provider.

According to Clutch, about 37% of small businesses outsource the accounting function. Many businesses outsource just bookkeeping, an essential part of the accounting process, to cut down on the size of the staff.  The reason is that they’re unable to adhere to the best bookkeeping practices. They’re not very well adept at accounting and often can’t afford a full-time resource. 

There are many business opportunities available for an accounting or bookkeeping practice, but you must be able to reach out to the clients. While traditional advertising methods such as newspaper advertisements have an impact, they may not be efficient for a bookkeeping company due to high costs. 

Online business promotions are cheaper and effectively target the intended audience. You can advertise your bookkeeping business to the very people that need those services. 

Understand Your Potential Clients

Before running any online campaign to promote your business, it is essential to know your potential clients. You will primarily be catering to smaller companies. Grocery stores, workshops, small and medium-sized wholesalers, and other similar businesses will likely seek your services the most.  

The clientele may vary based on geographical locations, the state and size of the economy, and even local tax laws. Understanding your target audience allows you to create a campaign and service packages that will perfectly hit the target.

Now we will discuss the different ways you can promote your accounting or bookkeeping business online

Let’s dive right in 

  • Create an Engaging Website

Nowadays, it is unimaginable for any service business to be without a website. At the same time, a dull website will not attract any clients whatsoever. So you need a website that is attractive and offers something unique to potential clients. 

With so many people competing for business, you must ensure that your website stands out. The content has to be outstanding with high-quality images, and if possible, related videos. You can purchase licensed images for your website for fairly reasonable prices. 

You can use one of the many website themes available as per your needs. It is not a bad idea to see the websites from the competition to get an idea about the website design for accounting companies.  

  • Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is an enormous tool for promoting your business. There are so many platforms where you can advertise and reach out to people in a targeted manner. You can share content about accounting services and the latest developments in the financial world. 

Just about everyone uses at least one social media platform. About 80% of the companies post mostly original content on social media, impressing upon its importance.  

  • LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform to advertise your accounting services. You can share articles, write posts, and connect with other professionals and potential clients. You can also learn a  great deal about the business opportunities available through the platform.  

  • YouTube Videos 

Make videos about bookkeeping for your target audience. You can help someone improve their accounting skills and, at the same time, display your bookkeeping skills. Carefully show your business branding during the video. You will likely get clients due to these videos. 

  • Ad Campaigns 

Run ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to attract potential clients. You can run targeted ads based on demographics, business types, and other parameters. These ads are relatively cheap and highly effective for growing your business.  

  • Tweet Your Opinions

Twitter is a great way to reach out to potential customers. You can always express your opinions on financial matters on the microblogging website. You can also share links to your YouTube videos and other social media posts. It is a very effective tool for making your presence felt. 

  • Run Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is somewhat old-fashioned, but it is highly effective. Write an effective and precise email that helps readers understand the benefits of engaging your services. You must have a list of email addresses of the potential clients for your bookkeeping business to get the maximum benefit.  

If you start sending emails out to every person you can, your email account will probably be flagged for spamming. So use this tool intelligently and gain more clients. 

  • Engage an Influencer

Reaching out to your target audience on social media is a great way to boost your business. However, if you can engage the services of a social media influencer, you can accelerate the process. An influencer is someone who is well known in a given niche online and has a fan following. 

The influencers can help you reach out to a greater audience within your targeted segment. Since people know about them and take their advice, their recommendation will have some weight. They will charge you for the partnership, but the results make it worthwhile.

  • Host  Webinars 

Webinars are a great way to get attention towards your services. They get greater attention these days due to COVID-19. A survey reported that 57% of marketers saw an increase in attendance of webinars since coronavirus started.  

You will need to have at least a couple of experts on board to discuss a topic related to your services. You can also include presentations on subjects directly affecting your clientele. 

Advertise the webinar online and carefully brand your services into the event. This branding will help you get interested parties to reach out to you. 

  • Utilize the Potential of SEO 

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of taking certain steps to help a page, or an entire website, rank higher in search engine results. The higher your rank, the better chance you have at getting noticed. There are different techniques involved in the process and you need a professional to help you with SEO. 

The Bottom Line

Bookkeeping services can never go out of fashion since it’s a challenging task, and most people do not have the time or skills to do it themselves. Small businesses usually engage in such services due to limitations in funds.

It is easier to sell your services through the various online options than the more traditional methods since the outreach to the intended clients is instantaneous. It is imperative that your website, social media handles, and email marketing create value for the clients. It will help you stand out from the competing crowd. 

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