What is User Experience (UX) Design? Benefits of UX Design Explained!

what is ux design

What is User Experience (UX) Design? Benefits of UX Design Explained!

UX design means user experience design. We will answer the question of “What is UX design?” and “What are the benefits of UX design for a business website?” in this article.

Let’s start by explaining what is UX design…

What is UX Design?

User experience design is a concept that has lots of aspects. UX design incorporates different disciplines like usability, graphic design, user testing, interaction design, content strategy, and information architecture.

Specifically, we will talk about the importance of UX in website design in this article. Providing a good UX on a business website helps to increase leads, conversions, and sales by enhancing customer satisfaction and ultimately loyalty.

A good website built considering UX generates positive emotions for customers while they navigate and interact with a website.

Yes, emotions! Because UX is more about how it feels than how it looks. The purpose of UX is to make the interaction with a website simple, hassle-free and easy while giving customers a good experience. Graphic design is an important element in doing this, but it is not the only element.

As we mentioned above UX designers must have knowledge of different areas and coordinate this information. Information architecture, interaction design, user testing, usability and content strategy are some of them.

For this purpose, it is vital for a website to have advanced usability and accessibility for offering a great experience to its users. Therefore, UX design focuses on satisfying users by understanding and properly answering user intent and need.

Now, let’s move on to the benefits of UX design for a business.

What are the Benefits of UX Design?

Gain Credibility

In a recent survey, 48% of people referred to a website’s design as the most prominent factor while considering the credibility of a business.

A poor experience can hurt your credibility and decrease return visitors and referral traffic, which will eventually result in fewer sales. While a great experience for the users will help your business gain credibility.

Better Interaction Rates

If users enjoy using your website with its great design and usability, they will interact more. UX designers create websites considering the requirements, habits, and activities of the target audience.

Offering a user experience compatible with your target audience will motivate users to interact with your website and business more.

ux design benefits

More Sales

If users can’t navigate and reach the information they need from a website, they may just choose to move to your competitor’s website. Your bounce rate will be higher if the website is difficult to use.

This will inevitably reduce your sales. In contrast, offering an excellent experience to users will lower your website’s bounce rates and increase conversions.

Additionally, the bounce rate is considered as an SEO factor. Therefore, having a low bounce rate will positively affect your rankings (and visibility) on search engine results pages.

Better Mobile Experiences

As the use of mobile devices and mobile internet uses continues skyrocket having a mobile-friendly website (or a responsive website) is indispensable for offering a favorable user experience.

Mobile-friendly websites are designed to work perfectly on mobile devices. According to a Google survey, 61% of users indicate that if they can’t easily find what they are looking for on a mobile site, they will just visit a competitor’s website.

By optimizing for mobile user-experience your business can increase customer satisfaction and benefit from higher conversions.

Build Brand Loyalty

Great UX design not only attracts new customers but also turns them into loyal customers. Offering great experience helps to build brand loyalty.

What is the Difference Between UX Design and UI Design?

So, “What is UI Design?” It is another important element in web design. UI Design stands for User Interface Design. As they are related to each other UI design and UX design are confused very often.

Both UX and UI design are essential elements of a web design and development process.

As UX is a process of optimising a website for accessibility and usability in general, UI focuses on the graphical layout of a website. Elements of UI are all kinds of visuals that customers directly interact with.

This includes screen layout, buttons, images, sliders transitions, videos, animations and more. 

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